A Saltwater Celebration of Life

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - Native American Proverb


Seametery Services is rooted in our love of the ocean.  ~ Russ & Traci Hendricks

Russ, taking trips to a small fishing property owned by his family in Wakulla County Florida, developed a passion early in life for the serenity only found at the ocean. Providing the solitude that set the perfect environment for self-reflection, thought provoking moments, or simply allowing an escape from hectic city life, that little fishing village played an important part in his life.  Russ began saying years ago, “When something happens to me, just roll me off the end of a dock into the water”.  

After living for a while in Panama City Beach, it was not until Russ moved back to Georgia that he met the love of his life, Traci.  Traci shares his affinity for the water, fondly reflecting back on annual family fishing trips she made to the Gulf of Mexico.  Her father and his buddies would enjoy time out fishing in their boats, while Traci and her friends would enjoy that beauty of the ocean while suntanning on the gorgeous white sands.  Delicious dinners of freshly caught seafood would end the evenings, Red Snapper being the favorite.   

In 2018, Russ had a sickness that brought him close to death.   Once he recovered, Russ began working on an idea to combine his love of the ocean, and his desire to spend his after-life in the water.  In 2022, Russ’ father passed away and had a traditional in-ground burial.  The total cost of the funeral was quite eye-opening.  There must be a more modern, green, and financially effective way to handle after death arrangements.  Wanting to give back to the planet and improve the health of the seas, knowing he wanted to opt for cremation as a smarter cost choice, but still wanting to have a personalized permanent marker, Russ began exploring ways to accomplish these tasks.  Driven by his desire for a Salt Afterlife, he began working on an idea to be personally memorialized at sea. While working to construct a headstone for himself, Russ began considering that other folks might want the same for themselves or their loved ones.

As this idea began to take shape through research, trial and error, and peer feedback, it became evident that we could offer a very personal touch in our business model. Understanding that life experiences are unique for each individual, and that the love of the water means different things to different people, we decided to look for affordable ways to provide a personalized Salt Afterlife for everyone.  Seametery Services opened in 2023.

"We care for the health of our planet, its oceans and all its citizens. Our goal is to give dignity and recognition to everyone who wishes for a Salt Afterlife by helping the ocean’s marine life grow and thrive."

"At Seametery Services, we are committed to making a difference in ocean conservation by creating artificial reefs that house the cremated remains of your loved ones. By combining remembrance with reef preservation, we aim to restore ocean health and provide a thriving habitat for marine wildlife."

Planning for a salt afterlife

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Pick from a relatable headstone or base inclusion to become part of rebuilding our ecological system.


Our underwater memorial can become a chosen destination of remembrance full of nature's beauty and peace.


Celebrate life knowing you or your loved one is helping our planetary home regrow and thrive.

The most common questions

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