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  • Pre-chosen Designs
  • Memorial Sea Chest allows for keepsake items to be placed with cremations
  • Individual, personalized brass plaque set in the footer of the Headstone.


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  • Encasement in the Full Reef Base
  • Allows for Salt Afterlife at a more affordable rate
  • Dedication plaque for all encased to be adhered to Full Reef Base.


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  • Contact Seametery Services to discuss creating your own one-of-a-kind Headstone design alongside our craftsman.

The Beauty and Process of Living Reef Memorials


Working with top rated artists, mockup designs are created using an advanced computer software. At this step, we ensure drafting angles and load capacity are correct.


Once we are satisfied with the design, our artists cut the desired shape out of foam. Then our team of craftsmen use this foam shape to form the mold which will be used in the pouring of the actual Reef Memorial Headstone.


Concrete is poured into the mold created from the step above. During the pouring process, a cavity is left in the footer of the headstone that will encase your Memorial Sea Chest. Once placed in the footer, the Sea Chest is then sealed over with concrete. The Memorial Plaque is inset into the mold, securing it into the Headstone footer. Headstones will have multiple openings to maximize surface area, providing ideal conditions for marine life to grow and explore.


Headstones will be secured to the Full Reef Base by our deployment team.  Once complete, the Full Reef Base will be transported to the designated “Seametery” location for placement on the sea floor.


We are creating “Seametery” locations as visitation destinations. Clearly reflecting your or your loved one’s desire for a Salt Afterlife. Just as one would visit a traditional resting spot after a ground burial, we want to offer the opportunity for a Celebration of Life for those who have passed. A chance to honor and acknowledge their contribution to the future health and beauty of our Earth’s precious waters.

" We care for the health of our planet, its oceans and all its citizens. Our goal is to give dignity and recognition to everyone who wishes for a Salt Afterlife by helping the ocean’s marine life grow and thrive. "
" Choosing our headstones not only honors the memory of your loved ones but also contributes to the protection of ocean ecosystems. Over time, these beautiful memorials become an integral part of the underwater world, serving as shelters for coral and sea life, ensuring a positive and lasting impact on marine biodiversity. "
" Our vision goes beyond traditional memorials; we envision a future where our individual headstone shapes evolve into a mesmerizing array of coral reefs and vibrant marine communities. With Seametery Services, your tribute becomes a beacon of hope for the ocean, safeguarding the beauty of our underwater world for generations to come. "
" By selecting our reef-restoration headstones, you become an active participant in the preservation of ocean wildlife. With patience and time, these unique memorials become an integral part of the underwater landscape, blending harmoniously with nature as coral and sea life adorn them with their delicate beauty. "
" Seametery Services takes pride in offering headstones that transcend time, as they transform from individual shapes into thriving habitats for ocean creatures. Your decision to entrust your loved ones' cremains to our artificial reefs fosters a legacy of environmental stewardship, leaving a profound impact on the well-being of our precious oceans. "


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